Wednesday 9 March 2011

What's next?

I arrived home early from work yesterday and decided to use my time productively. As you know Sunday I made my daughter in law's birthday card, so today I was determined to make her a small gift to go with the actual birthday present.
A friend had bought me a bead set from WHAT in Cardiff containing shades of black. There are lovely little flower beads as well as leaves. I threaded some of the flowers and leaves onto head pins and complimented them with some small black crystals that I had. All these were then affixed to a simple chain with a lobster clasp. The effect was quite stunning.
Sorry forgot to take a picture as the finishing was a bit last minute.  Message to self:: always take a picture.
I had planned to go up to see my son and daughter in law to present my card and gifts.
The card was well liked as was the bracelet, the other gift is always welcome.
Both grandchildren were tucked up in bed so the house was quiet.
We soon fell about laughing when my son and I discovered how to make Face Time calls. He has an  i pod touch and I have an iPhone 4. The first time we connected we did not speak. Just fell about laughing.
We the proceeded to face time my daughter who is very ill with the flu.
She was amazed, if not a bit annoyed at being engaged in a videocall looking a wreck, in her own words. Once she got over the shock it was a very funny conversation. Eventually we signed off and left her in peace.
Having not been able to find anyone else to annoy with a Face time call I said my good nights and left to drive home.
Today the sun was shinning and I woke up in a very productive mood again: what to do?
I settled on making up a beading project I had ordered from The Bead Store. It did take up the best part of the day but I really enjoyed doing it and learnt some new techniques along the way.
Remembered to take photo. See below. Quite proud of this!

Crystals and various designs of chain are brought together for a very pleasing effect.

Tomorrow is another day full of opportunities for creativity. Looking forward to it!

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