Thursday 10 March 2011


Today started with sorting out all my jewellery findings and beads. They are all nice and neat now.
Next I remembered that Saturday is my parchment craft class. Whoops have not finished the homework!
A two hour lesson is not, of course, time to complete a whole card so we are taught the techniques we need and then let loose. Homework is to finish the card.
I spent the afternoon on the spring card which incorporates a Daff, a tulip and a little blue flower. I've been parching for about a year now and my efforts are certainly getting better. This is this month's homework .

While parching, I could hear the sheep and the new lambs over the road.
Part way through the afternoon I heard one lamb bleating away followed by a sheep answering it. This continued for 3 hours of light. When it got dark the crying continued. I'm a women and it sounded like crying to me. By seven o clock I could not stand it any longer. I phoned the farm up the road and spoke to the farmers wife, she was very good and accepted my womanly ramblings. She promised that she would send her husband and co, down to the field opposite our house, with torches to investigate.
Not long after the bleating stopped.
Hopefully the rescue was successful.
I will sleep easier now believing lamb and mum are safely reunited. Ahhhhhhh.

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