Friday 11 March 2011

Homework complete

Well I finally finished the Parchment homework.
I had to add a butterfly on top of one of the flowers. You would not believe it, I had sewn the parchment onto the folded piece of multi-coloured card and caught one of the flower petals on my wooly sleeve and pulled part of it away. To put all those hours of work into a project just to spoil it with a pure accident.
I had to realy think about how I could cover the mistake without it appearing too obvious. I used dorso crayons to put multi colours onto a piece of parchment paper and blended them together with dorso oil. Next I put a small peel-off butterfly onto the coloured parchment and then cut it out. A fold either side of the body and the wings stood up. Finally I glued the butterfly onto the parchment project covering the space where the petal should have been.
No A* for me from the teacher tomorrow if she turns the parchment over and discovers the missing petal. Let's see what tomorrow's lesson brings. I always follow the class with a visit to the local craft shop to see what goodies they have and to pick up my copy of this months Parchment Magazine.
Today is the third Friday of the month when I meet up with some retired friends from the school we all worked at. This month we met at a local garden centre that has a coffee cabin in the grounds. We had a coffee or tea with a toasted tea cake. Almost two hours later we went our separate ways except for Mary who came shopping with me to Tescos.
I had ordered a Wii U Draw tablet for my grandaughters birthday. Note to self........ make birthday card!
No sooner I finish one project, another one is waiting just around the corner.
The crafting life's for me!

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